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Canal and Riverside Pub Guide

Waterway pubs on canals and navigable rivers

The Cheshire Cat Pub Nantwich Shropshire Union Canal

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Canal and Riverside Pub Guide - feedback

We need you to help us keep the information in the canalside pubs area up to date

As you will appreciate, visiting all the pubs across all the navigations on a regular basis is a challenge ! Our original concept was to go by boat, walk or arrive by car, have a pint in every pub and then move onto the next. Despite the cost, the approach was soon revised !

If you visit one of the pubs listed on the site, or know of a pub that we have yet to include in the guide, we would be very grateful for an update to the information so that other users can benefit from up to date information in the guide, so please use this link or send an e-mail to john@canalandriversidepubs.co.uk

Any updates received are normally actioned and shown on the website in a matter of days. You may find our daily Twitter ‘Tweet’ of changes to canal pubs (we also have additional Tweets that show other pub related news) suits you and also a Facebook page which shows the same information

Many thanks from The Canal and Riverside Pub Guide