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Canal and Riverside Pub Guide

Waterway pubs on canals and navigable rivers

The Cheshire Cat Pub Nantwich Shropshire Union Canal

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Canal and Riverside Pub Guide - Canal Pub Guides

We have created printable individual Canal Pub Guides so that you can view the pubs along a section of a canal or river

This can be used for a boating trip, walking along a canal, a day out or just as  a memory of where you have been at sometime in the past

We will be adding more guides over time and as they take additional time to collate and produce the information we are making a charge of £5 for each guide. These are kept current by any changes to pubs we are made aware of either by our own research or from users.

As an example of one of the guides, the Llangollen Canal Pub Guide is available free of charge for a limited time which can be downloaded as a PDF for use

Click on the link below

Llangollen Canal (Hurleston Junction to Horseshoe Falls Llangollen                    Download (No charge)

via Whitchurch and Ellesmere) PDF Canal Pub Guide